Safety- and security advice for companies, organisations and persons.

You don't feel secure because there is a high crime rate in your neighbourhood or you own a business and you might want to know how well your security is set up or you want to improve that security for your business. Consultant Tactical Integral Security (CTIB) specializes in a broad scale of security issues and topics such as: organized crime, terrorism, cybersecurity, violence, intruders and theft. CTIB specializes mainly in countering these areas with the full security-chain to have visual on every aspect on a incident or situation: pro-action, prevention, preparation, repression and evaluation/aftercare. This way with advisory from CTIB you will be sure to handle a security incident the right way in each stage possible an incident is taking place.

The advisory wil be focussed on risks that can affect you or are relevant for you with the following countermeasures: (usually a combination of these countermeasures)

Technical security:
-Acces-control systems

physical security:
-VIP close protection
-Walls, fences and locks
-CPTED: Crime Prevention Trough Environmental Design

Organisational Security:

Cybersecurity and Information security:
Security aimed at information and information assets:
-Digital networks
-Transport and information handling
-Disposing information

Are you in need of security advice, do you want to know how personally secure you are right now, your surroundings, your family, your business or do you have other questions regarding safety- and security? Fill in the form below with a brief description of the nature of your request, we will contact you very soon.